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The Ensemble

The Falckenberg Ensemble

The newcomer to the neighbourhood 


In the heart of Graggenau – in the midst of the most important cultural attractions and museums – the Falckenberg Ensemble is coming into being over the next few years, a sophisticated new cosmos of living, working and indulgence at the absolute pinnacle of quality.

With its modern interpretation of a timelessly classical architecture, generous floor plans and precious façade details, the Falckenberg Ensemble will become an important cornerstone for the top-quality development of the urban area between Maximilianstraße and Tal. The concept of WÖHR + BAUER, a family-run Munich-based real estate company, enables an appealing development of the area as a result of the construction of two mixed-use townhouses, which will at the same time considerably improve the quality of the squares, pathways and streets in the surrounding area.

Urban repair in Graggenau

Graggenau is changing. This has always been the case. Over the centuries, the quarter has evolved into district marked by diversity. Why did it lie dormant in the shadows for so long? And why is so much changing so suddenly? A talk with City Planning Councillor Prof. Elisabeth Merk, Landscape Architect Prof. Regine Keller, long-time Chairman of the District Committee Wolfgang Püschel and Wolfgang Roeck from WÖHR + BAUER shows why the Falckenberg Ensemble is an example of successful historic urban repair and enhancement of Munich’s city centre.

Quote Zeichen
“We envision a place which, as a space for living and coming together, serves to connect people and network them into the city; which provides tranquillity and quality of life beyond the general fast pace of life.”

Prof. Andreas Hild,
Hild und K Architects

The architects of the Ensemble

The Falckenberg Ensemble bears the signature of well-known Munich architectural firm Hild und K, which has already been responsible for a large number of successful building projects in the historic city centre. The team around Prof. Andreas Hild, Dionys Ottl and Matthias Haber has already won the City of Munich’s cityscape preservation prize three times, in addition to a remarkable number of other architectural awards.